BACKSTORIES by Tokuhiko Kise

One day while I was sitting in a coffee shop, I saw a magazine about all things coffee called “DRIFT”. In that Volume 3 Havana issue, there was a photo that caught my eye. At a bar counter in Havana was a suave-looking bartender with a cool, also suave-looking customer.

The details of the counter visible in the corner of the photo were typical, nothing special. But for some reason the image stuck in my head.

What was created from that image is the HAVANA TABLE. It’s a place to put your coffee while you read a book by yourself or to sit around when your friends come by and to enjoy whiskey or wine together over. Or to take with you on the veranda on a pleasant day when the sun is shining. Its small size makes it perfect for all sorts of uses.

Like the bar counter in Havana, I believe that having a place where you can easily converse and spend time is a small yet priceless part of everyday life.

If the HAVANA TABLE could be that place for someone, I would be very happy.

Tokuhiko Kise