With the many variations of the HN SOFA like the one-seater, corner, and ottoman, you can choose the most ideal combination for your space and your desired use of the sofa.

There’s no better feeling than resting your back in the cushion of the corner seat and stretching out your legs on the ottoman, nestling your whole body into the HN SOFA.

I thought about the CORNER TABLE because I hoped that not just by using the corner as a seat, but by having a space where you could place a lamp within arm’s reach, or to decorate with trinkets or seasonal flowers, or to set your cup or book down on, that that would become yet another pleasant way to use the HN SOFA.

The CORNER TABLE’s two upper and lower surfaces are connected by a thick and stable support column. It looks best with the T-NA5 table lamp. From the beginning, I thought that the aura of the lamp paired well with that of the HN SOFA, and had that image in mind when creating the corner table.

When I first arranged the table with the sofa, just as I had expected, the T-NA5 pulled the look together while casting comfort and calm all around.

Furniture is meant to be spent a long time with.
I wish that the corner of the HN SOFA becomes a special, fond place to the person who owns it.